Electronic Water And Gas Leak Detection


Electronic Water And Gas Leak Detection

At Just Right Plumbing we use the newest and most efficient water and gas leak detection equipment. Finding your leaks quick and taking the guess work out of it. Saving you from wasting money and solving problems before they cause to damage unnecessary damages to your property.

Leak Detection: Check for leaks after an Earthquake:

After an earthquake you should always have your gas and water lines checked for leaks saving you from flooding your crawl space or causing a major fire due to leaking gas lines. We have the latest in leak detection equipment finding your leak fast and accurate. Our specialized system and dedicated Electronic Leak Detection experts can detect water or gas leaks in walls or floors by tracing the lines of pipes using a super-sensitive microphone system to pinpoint the exact location of your leak. Let our dedicated Electronic Leak Detection expert end your leaky pipe worries today.

Gas or Water Bill Skyrocketed? Leak Detection may help

Has your water bill or gas bill suddenly skyrocketed without due cause? Maybe you have a leak in your system. Let us check your entire system before any major damage occurs. Ever felt hot or even cold spots in your floor, even through the carpet? Have you ever felt moisture emanating from the carpet or had a localized mold outbreak? Or if you’ve had a puddle or a soggy spot in the flooring the likely cause of ALL of these is a slab leak. We have the latest Electronic Leak Detection equipment that allows us to trace the path of the pipe, travel along this path until we determine the exact position of the leak whether it is in the slab or in the plumbing in your wall.

Doing Electronic Leak Detection as soon as a leak or problem occurs will save you money in the long run and help stop the problem before it grows into something unmanageable.

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