Plumbing Services

Trenchless Sewer Replacement by Just Right Plumbing

trenchlessNow your sewer pipe can be replaced in a fraction of the time, without digging up your driveway, yard, or patio…and without digging up the old pipe! Just Right’s modern plumbing services can┬árun a steel cable through the old pipe, fuse together 20′ sections of HDPE pipe into the desired length. At this time, a large cone-shaped hardened steel breaker head is inserted through the pipe and is pulled by hydraulic rams, splitting the old pipe and creating a channel large enough for the new 4″ or 6″ HDPE sewer pipe.

Trenchless Sewer Re-lining

trenchless-reliningTrenchless Sewer Re-lining is the process of re-lining your old sewer line instead of replacing it. When you re-line your sewer it eliminates all cracks, leaks, holes or roots that may be causing trouble to your system. Keeping your landscape,driveway or sidewalks intact during the process saving you thousands of $$$

Prevention Maintenance Program

prevention-maintenanceOur Prevention Maintenance Program are offered to reduce the unkindly plumbing problems that can occur. With the program we inspect your total plumbing system 2x a year. During the inspection We check for leaks, Mold, die test toilets and test water pressure. also you are entitled to 15% off any and all services we offer for the life of the maintenance program.

Copper Re-Piping

copper-repipingIn the older days homes and apartment complexes were built with galvanized piping which in time will rust and deteriorate. Soon you will see a loss in water pressure and leakage that will damage your home or apartment. The corroded pipes can also cause rusty water or foul smelling water which is unfit to use or consume. Replace that old, galvanized water pipe with copper plumbing or your leaking sewer pipes with ABS for years of worry-free use. No job to small or big. We have the most up to date equipment to get the job done. For ALL of your plumbing needs our technician will walk you through the work needed and give you a price before the work begins NO SURPRISES.

General Plumbing Services

general-plumbingFrom the City sewer to the Kitchen sink and everything in between We handle ALL of your plumbing needs and our technician will walk you through the work needed and give you a price before the work begins NO SURPRISES.

Electronic Underground Pipe Location

electronic-underground-pipe-locationUnderground Pipe Location saves you $$ by not having to dig up entire section of yard looking for the pipe.


hydro-jettinghydrojettingWhen a conventional snake won’t do….Hydro-jet. High pressured water (4000 psi) is shot through a specially designed head which we feed down the pipe, emulsifying grease, sludge, even roots – anything in its path. Without a doubt, the most effective and long lasting method of cleaning sewer pipes.

Electronic Water And Gas Leak Detection

water-and-gas-leak-detectionWe use the newest and most efficient water and gas leak detection equipment. Finding your leaks quick and taking the guess work out of it. Saving you from wasting money and solving problems before they cause to much damage.

Yard And Parking Lot Drains

parking-lot-drainsIf when it rains you have excessive water build up in your yard or parking lot you may need a drain installed. Our technician will locate the best place for you drain to solve your problem the first time.

Yard Sprinklers and sub meters

yard-sprinklerssub-metersAre You Wasting Water? If you water your lawn with a hose the answer is yes. We install fully programmable efficient yard sprinkler system that will water your entire lawn with minimal water usage. Have a big lawn ??? Pay a big water bill $$. Install a SUB WATER METER . 2/3 of your water bill is for sewage treatment but without a sub meter your charged for sewage treatment for all the water used in your yard…. WHY? Because the city can only regulate the incoming water and charges you for 100% of that for sewage treatment. With a sub meter it calculates your house and yard separate now you only pay for sewage treatment for your house saving you $$

Gas Earthquake Cut-Off Valve

gas-earthquake-cutoff-valveA Must In Every Household. Installing an Earthquake Valve in your home will shut off the flow of gas going into your house in case of an earthquake . Saving you from gas leaking into your house. We use the latest valve witch are very easy to reset if it has been activated.

Drain Blockage Cleared

drain-blockage-cleaared There are many reasons that a drain can get clogged. Misaligned pipe, Roots in sewer system,collapsed pipe, or simply something not supposed to be in a drain . Coffee grounds and grease should never be put down disposal. We first locate the problem then weather we either snake it, hydro-jet it or replace the section of pipe causing the problem.

Main Sewer Line Replacement

main-sewer-line-replacementIf you need a Main line replaced our highly trained technicians will give you all the options you have. We can dig up the line and replace it with new ABS or Cast Iron or We can save your yard by using the latest technology in Trenchless Sewer Replacement or Max-Liner Sewer Re-Lining.

Main Sewer Spot Repair

sewer-repairmain-sewer-spot-repairUsing our locating equipment or camera systems we can pin point where the problem is and we can only fix the area of the sewer line that is damaged.

Sewage And Sump Ejection System

sump-injectionSump Ejection Systems are used to remove sewage when existing sewer system is higher than the new sewage source and a gravity sewer system wont work.

Pressure Regulator’s

pressure-regulatorsHigh water pressure over (80 psi) is the major cause of premature failure of your system. Regulators can lower your water bill and should be installed with a pressure release valve.

These are important because they maintain a safe water pressure for your entire incoming water system prolonging the life of the piping faucets toilets and heaters.

Water Heaters

water-heaterwater-heaterswater-heater-replacemmentWeather you need service or replacement our technicians can solve your problems. We install all types of water heaters including: Gas, Electric, Tank-less and Boilers

Garbage Disposals, Toilets, Sinks and Fixtures

toiletsgarbage-disposalssinks-and-fixturesWeather its a small problem that needs fixing or replacement we can do the job using top quality parts at a price you can afford.


heatingOur heating technicians are experts in servicing wall & floor furnaces, gravity furnaces, forced air furnaces . Most of the time repairs and adjustments can be made on the spot, eliminating unnecessary trips that waste your time. If you do need a major repair or replacement, our heating technicians usually have it done in a day or two

In Line TV Camera Sewer Inspection

inline-camerainline-tv-camera-sewer-inspectioncamera-sewer-inspectionWith a TV Camera Inspection We can protect Your homes by inspecting manholes, pipelines, duct-work and other channels to determine their condition. Using state-of-the art equipment and methods, we can help you save time and money by identifying any trouble spots that may require cleaning or repair.

Bath And Kitchen Remodels

kitchen-remodelbathroom-remodelWe Staff Experts in all fields of the remodel from Tile Experts, Counter top fabricators and Cabinet installers

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