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Using our locating equipment or camera systems we can pin point where the problem is and we can fix the area of the sewer line that is damaged. This sewer repair service uses pipe made of Clay, Cast, PVC, Wood, etc can now be structurally repaired in hours without disruption to traffic or sewer flow.

The Perma-Liner “Spot” Sewer Repair Pipe System

We use the Perma-Liner Sewer Pipe Spot Sewer Repair System. Materials are tested to meet Specification F-1216 for Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP). This Specification requires their materials to be tested for a minimum design life of 50 years. The Perma-Liner Sectional Point Repair testing results exceed these specifications!


Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Spot Repair is the practical and economical alternative to traditional sewer replacement. By repairing broken, cracked or damaged sewer pipe, CIPP eliminates infiltration and exfiltration, adding to the structural integrity of the pipe.

CIPP lining consists of tube impregnated with polyester or epoxy resin, that is used for sectional pipe repairs and can reconstruct pipe diameters of 4 to 24 inches, and lengths of 1 to 30 feet. It is installed as a liner in an existing pipe and cured by the application of heat.

Our experienced technicians utilize trenchless “winch in, inflate and cure” methods to install the spot repair.¬†Our Sewer Pipe Spot Repair System provides a structural repair without digging the existing pipeline or lining the entire pipeline. This will save hundreds or thousands of dollars and enabled us to repair multiple areas.

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