Fiberglass Sewer Relining

Fiberglass Sewer Relining

A busted pipe can be re-lined and made as good as new.

You can save the customer thousands of dollars in costly replacements of landscaping, sidewalks and driveways. We are experts in pipe re-lining and most jobs are done within a few hours restoring your system same day. Just Right Plumbing or Los Angeles uses the “Trenchless Pipe Relining” system, which is the process of repairing damaged sewer pipes by creating a “pipe within a pipe” to restore function and flow.

How Fiberglass Sewer Relining Works

In most cases pipe relining can be performed through a building’s clean-out access and often requires little digging,   saving your thousands of dollars on costly replacements of landscaping areas, driveways, and sidewalks. Pipe relining may also be used to repair root-damaged pipes, seal cracks and holes, fill in missing pipe sections, and seal joint connections underground, in roof drain pipes, in storm lines, and under concrete. The relined pipe is seamless and durable, and all materials used in the relining process are non-hazardous. When the epoxy relining materials mold to the inside of the existing pipe it creates a smooth new inner wall. The new epoxy lining is a stand-alone pipe meaning even if the old pipe breaks away it stands by itself and protects the system from failure.

We Offer the MAXLINER SYSTEM of Fiberglass Sewer Relining:

Max Liner relined pipe shown from opening.

The MaxLiner System TM is portable and enables Just Right Plumbing (Los Angeles) to repair lateral pipelines, restoring both service and flow to the pipe in a matter of hours. Using air pressure or water inversion techniques, we can reline the pipes to create “a pipe within a pipe” that will restore function and flow without digging. After more than a decade of engineering, testing and perfecting, the MaxLiner System is now available to provide even small plumbers and contractors throughout America with an affordable, long-lasting, quick, easy, reliable and trenchless system of lateral repair for their customers.

Once the liner is impregnated we insert a tube that injects air throughout, forcing the tube to extend the length of the old pipe. A calibration hose is then inserted inside the liner to allow for curing. At this point, We can choose to cure the pipe ambiently by holding air pressure and allowing the resin to harden on its own, or introduce heat into the existing pipe by re-circulating hot water, thus dramatically reducing the cure time required for the pipe to harden. The cured resin has now affixed the new liner to the old pipe, thereby repairing the broken pipe by eliminating cracks and damage. In essence, this pipe within in a pipe is brand new and will last for at least as long as its 50-year minimum design life.

Homeowners not only save the expensive costs associated with sewer relining and digging but protect their landscaping, which would have been ruined by the traditional dig and replace method.

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