Just Right Plumbing Customer Reviews

  • Jeff W.
    When I lived in Los Angeles just rite plumbing was the only plumber to call they were quick and efficient and very reasonable I’m not surprised that every person and Yelp is given it 5 stars because it is absolutely a 5-star plumbing business.

  • David S.

    I had an issue with my radiant heating and scoured the internet for help- it took a while but I happened upon ‘Just Right Plumbing’ and boy I’m glad I did! John came over within an hour and went to work. He is a very pleasant man and highly capable. John assessed the problem and quickly fixed it without replacing anything- I mean he could easily have snowed me into a much bigger fix and upped his profit but he, unlike so many of his peers, is a talented,
    fair and moral tradesman. I was extremely pleased and will have John handle all my plumbing issues in the future!!

  • Jeff S.

    The best plumber around.  John has now been to my home  a couple of times.  First time was for the fridge.  This time my water heater needed to be replaced.  I shopped at Home Depot, got the quote for the unit and installation.  Decided to call John to see how competitive they were.  Glad I did.  He bought the Rheem water heater then came over and installed it.  Took about 2 hours.  Everything was done perfectly.  This guy is for real.  Very knowledgeable and honest and a real gem.  You do not find them like this anymore.

  • Sarah N.
    8/21/2014  Updated review

    Had an issue with the drain on the bathtub that John had replaced. Called him and he came right over, I mean right over within a few hours. Saw the issue was a faulty part and immediately went out to get a replacement. John was suppose to come fix it the next day.  However, he called me completely apologetic because he would have to postpone our appointment due to a brown recluse spider bite. What?! Medical emergency trumps my job any day. This guy is totally customer oriented!  Came the following day and completed the job with a smile on his face and a swollen hand. Not only does he stand behind his work he values your time. I recommend him to everyone for any job big or small.

    4/14/2014  Previous review

    I was cruising YELP hoping to find a plumber to help with the complete repipe of my drains.  I am so glad I listened to the reviews on this page!  John is so wonderful, I feel like not only did he and his crew do an amazing job, but John educated me on plumbing in general.  He always made sure my husband and I knew exactly what they were doing and why.  He had the answers to all of my plumbing problems including the main line that need replacing and fixing a surprise leak that was discovered after the job started.  If you are looking for a plumber that will explain everything every step of the way you have found the man: John!Read less

  • William H.

    John and his crew were simply the best.  We’ve had bad plumbers over the last 40 + yrs. we have lived here.  We’ve used John’s business for many years now to do the usual clogged pipes.  This time we had to get major work done.  He replaced our Sewage pipes, pipe bursting & trenchless Fiber glass sewage pipe relining.  His crew stayed until dark and came back to finish the next morning.  They cleaned up the front yard  where you could barely notice anything was amiss.  We’ll need to replant grass but that is very minor. We would highly recommend John & his company to do a great job and be fair and honest.

    Bill & Corinne

  • Michael A.

    We had a very bad clogged shower drain that was backing up into the tub and sink.  I called Just Right Plumbing after trying 3 other competitors ranked a little higher then them on Yelp.  1 company didn’t answer and the other 2 said they were too busy.  Not wanting to wait I called the next number down the line who was Just Right Plumbing.   I’m not sure of the receptionist name, but she was very nice and super helpful.  I called at 4:30pm and she said she could have some one over in the next few hours.  Sure enough Miguel showed up in in less then 2 hours and took care of everything.  It’s always great when you have someone come to your house to fix something and not only can they do their job right, but they’re a nice person to boot.  I’d recommend Miguel and Just right Plumbing anytime to anyone.  Thanks JRP!

  • Jerad B.
    • Jerad B.
    • Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, CA

    John was great. He’s my plumber from now on. He is very thorough and is actually interested in fixing the problem, not mending it for a short period. Thanks again john

  • Greg R.

    He’s the best! Honest and reliable! Didn’t try and sell me a bunch of stuff I don;t need! I highly suggest you call him-big job or small!

  • Mark A.

    I had a major problem with my water heater that suddenly died on me without warning.  The gas company inspected it and shut it off after determining that it was a fire hazard since it been damaged by improper maintenance.  I called a couple other plumbers first, one of which didn’t show up and caused me to waste several hours for nothing, and the second one told me I needed to replace it at a significant cost.  To make matters worse, that second repair man claimed he could not address my problem for over a week due to his schedule.  After calling John, the owner, he came out that same day and even though my unit was pretty old and damaged, he determined that it could be rebuilt for approximately 1/4 of the price of replacement.  Needless to say I was thrilled.  After completing the job the next day, I had a minor issue that came up the following Saturday and John showed up that same day at no additional cost to adjust the settings. Now that’s what I call service!

  • Kate W.

    I had a rather unique job in that I needed a colon hydrotherapy machine installed, not a request that an average plumber gets, but it involves sewer lines, vent lines, water heater and water line installation and hook up.  A full 3-day+ job. I found Just Right Plumbing from all the 5-star yelp reviews and had the privilege of the owner, John coming out to give me an estimate several times as I was negotiating office rental space at various locations.  Due to the unique  and expensive installation process, I had six other companies come out and quote me, but John stood out to me miles ahead of everyone.  He was friendly, calm, knowledgeable, honest, the ONLY plumber to extensively study my manuals, go underneath the building to inspect the current pipe condition and take his time to explain his work.  He wasn’t afraid of the challenge.  He values his job, has fantastic work ethic and most importantly he delivers proper quality service .  He doesn’t cut corners, he doesn’t bullshit, he doesn’t flake and he keeps his word.  He has years of experience and is very thorough.  He did the whole job through city permits and the city inspector approved his work on the spot.  He knows his codes, and even helped me through the process. To top it all off, his whole staff bring hospital shoe covers when working on nice flooring, such as my hardwood floors.  They are ALL very polite.  I now know all his 5-star Yelp reviews are legit. He’s the best plumber in town.  So much so that my neighbors used his services as well afterwards. I highly recommend him! And his admin staff are great too. Danny, his assistant, was kind, friendly, quick to reply to phone calls/emails and patient with my invoice.  Thank-you guys for helping me out – you honestly cared about your work and helping me install my machine! This review is only the surface of your outstanding professionalism!

  • Tim P.

    I came home from work in the evening a few weeks ago and heard the sound of running water.  The sprinklers were not on and the neither were any appliances.  Going outside I saw the hot water heater in complete free-flow from the top of the device.  I called a couple of Westchester-area plumbers that I had used before but they were unable to come out after hours.  I called Just Right and spoke with John.  He came out immediately.  I was able to turn the water off to the house but that prevented us from doing the dinner dishes, using the shower, etc.  John was able to do a temporary fix for the night so we could at least use the appliances and set up an appointment for first thing the next morning.  He called me the next morning as he said he would and walked me through the different water heater options, price, function, suitability, etc. and helped me to decide on the right one.  Then, he came out with a helper and did the job completely to specifications and as promised.  I didn’t try to compare the work price but I thought it was fair for getting the new heater and the installation.  (Regardless, I just trust John.)  Not only that, he did a couple of minor repairs to some other faulty appliances and refused to take anything extra over what he had quoted me.  On top of all this, he’s a real down-to-earth, extremely likeable guy.  I told him I will be giving Just Right my business from now on and I mean to do exactly that.

  • Annie D.

    John with Just Right Plumbing is the hardest working plumber I have ever encountered.  He stays until the job is done.  He is extremely conscientious and he truly cares.  I highly recommend Just Right Plumbing for any plumbing job or emergency.

  • David R.

    Plumbing service response was quick and professional. He had my cost in mind too and explored all options that would keep the price down before moving to more invasive work. He fixed my problem quickly and cleaned up after. I would definitely recommend to anyone!!!

  • Michelle S.

    NO NEED TO LOOK ANY FURTHER FOR YOUR PLUMBER!!!  Just Right Plumbing is the only company you need to call for any and all of your plumbing needs.  Over the years I have used John for small odd jobs and he has always been great.  This year I did a full remodel and used him for ALL my plumbing needs.  I cannot say enough about the quality of the workmanship, skill, ability, competency, completion of every job as well as follow-up work.  John works with honesty and integrity and you can not ask for anything more when you are looking to hire a contractor.  He even helped me pass my Santa Monica Inspection!! I could not give a higher recommendation.  This should be your Plumber for Life!!

  • Andy R.

    Just Right fixed our heating system with service that was not only faster and more competent than the company that installed it, but also at a fraction of  other’s quoted estimate. They’re honest and good. John is  a plumber I trust.

  • kathy s.

    We called a number of plumbers for estimates to improve the hot water in our home, many of whom flaked out or showed up but never submitted an estimate as we requested.  John of Just Right Plumbing suggested various remedies and provided the best service.  He quickly ordered and installed a bigger hot water heater, which does the job.  Also did some other minor fixes around the house for no charge.  Good job, thanks!

  • J. A.

    I am an apartment owner and have relied solely on Just Right Plumbing for over 10 years for all my plumbing and some electrical work.  I would vouch for John (the owner) for his quality of work, honesty, fairness, and reliablity.  Please read other reviews carefully because some them are a result of a “bad” employee (we have all worked with some).

  • Bee P.

    This review pertains to
    P O BOX 45199
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90045

    Business Phone Number: (310) 398-3208 & (310) 338-8020

    Two years ago, our 1930s era Duplex was in need of major drain replacements, thanks in part to the city Ficus Tree invading the sewer drains. Knowing it would be a major expense, I contacted five Plumbing Companies for estimates.

    The estimate prepared by Chris of Just Right Plumbing was the most detailed, and the price was not the highest nor the lowest of the five estimates. My husband and I felt that Just Right Plumbing was the best choice for this job.

    They initially sent in a crew of 4 Plumbers for the first phase of the job, tearing out the old drains. As the job progressed, it became obvious that the drain to the city Sewer also was in need of repair or replacement. Luckily, they were able to place a liner in this section of the drain, thus avoiding digging a trench in the Alley – a major expense.

    Just Right completed the work in about 3 weeks. We had a few minor requests that were completed shortly after the major drain repairs.

    Another neighbor used Just Right, after our experience, also for a drain repair. I asked our neighbor if he was satisfied with Just Right’s sewer repairs, and my neighbor thought they did a good job. However, my neighbor was not pleased with the amount of time involved.

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