Pressure Regulators

pressure-regulatorsWhat you should know about Pressure Regulators

High water pressure over (80 psi) is the major cause of premature failure of your system. Installing a pressure regulator can lower your water bill but it should be installed with a pressure release valve. These are important because they maintain a safe water pressure for your entire incoming water system prolonging the life of the piping faucets toilets and heaters.

Pressure regulator is a plumbing safety feature which is designed to prevent water pressure from climbing too high while also ensuring that the pressure remains high enough for consistent flow from faucets, taps, and shower heads. This device is often located near the water main on the outside of the house, and it is very useful for people to know where their water pressure regulators are, and how to adjust them if necessary.

When the pressure is high enough, water will be pushed through an open tap, even if the outlet for the water is well above ground level. However, pressure which is too high can result in leaks, eroded washers, banging pipes, and even explosions, in extreme circumstances. A water pressure regulator is a valve which controls the level of water pressure to ensure that it is effective and safe.

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