Trenchless Sewer Replacement

trenchless sewer repair la plumberTrenchless Sewer repairs


You can save Thousands of $$$ with Just Right Plumbing and TRENCHLESS Sewer Replacement

Trenchless Sewer Replacement

trenchless sewer repairHomeowners, now your sewer pipe can be replaced in a fraction of the time, without digging up your driveway, yard, or patio…and without digging up the old pipe! Just Right Plumbing can┬árun a steel cable through the old pipe, fuse together 20′ sections of HDPE pipe into the desired length. At this time, a large cone-shaped hardened steel breaker head is inserted through the pipe and is pulled by hydraulic rams, splitting the old pipe and creating a channel large enough for the new 4″ or 6″ HDPE sewer pipe.


plumber-los-angelesClogged sewer lines are homeowners, and businesses worst nightmare. Root intrusion, collapsed pipe and miss-aligned pipes due to seismic activity are the main causes.Clogged or leaking sewer pipes can lead to many Heath Concerns such as harmful bacteria and contamination from mold.


For years the only way to repair or replace sewer lines was to dig a trench the entire length of the pipe and about 6 feet deep (Cut into your Driveways, Landscape anything in the path)and Excavate the old pipe and lay new sections of new pipe. At JUST RIGHT PLUMBING we utilize Pipe Genie “TRENCHLESS” Sewer Replacement or (PIPE BURSTING) which requires very little digging only two small pits at either end of the problem saving your Thousands of $$ on your driveways and landscaping.


trenchless-sewer-replacementTrenchless or Pipe Bursting is a technique for replacement of existing pipes. The existing pipe, once burst, becomes the guide path for the new pipe being installed. This technique bursts the old pipe and in so doing displaces the fragmented old pipe into the surrounding soil. This creates a hole of roughly the same dimension as the original. If a larger diameter pipe is to be installed a larger ‘expanding cone’ is used to increase the size of the hole. Once done, the new pipe is pushed or pulled into position.

A variation of this method is called ‘Pipe Slitting’ which breaks the pipe by longitudinal slitting.


The main type of pipe used is (High Density Polyethylene Pipe) or HDPE Witch has a life expectancy of over 200 years. This pipe is far superior to traditional pipe such as cast iron,clay,or PVC plastic. HDPE pipe is very flexible and corrosion resistant and leak tight due to the fusing method use the joint is stronger than any other part of the pipe.


At Just Right we have the latest in technology for trenchless Sewer Replacement. For more information call us FIRST we’ll give you a FREE estimate and explain the whole procedure with you in detail.TRENCHLESS SAVE YOU MONEY !!!!!

  • Avoid destroying your Driveways, walkways and landscape
  • Avoid digging up your yard
  • Trenchless Saves Time
  • Cost Effective

Example #1

sewer-repairThis line went under a professionally landscaped staircase at a steep incline. The customer prized her established heritage trees and surrounding shrubbery. While the line could have been installed across the driveway area to avoid the landscaping issues, she also didn’t want the driveway damaged or scarred in keeping with the pristine look of other homes in the area. With the trenchless method, the job took only two days. Completed in a way that met the customer’s criterion, and saved her reconstruction and landscaping costs.


Example #2

The sewer line extended underneath two retaining walls and existing landscaping. Using Trenchless techniques, the sewer line was replaced without major disruptions to the retainingwalls and shrubbery above. This job was completed in only 1 1/2 days.

Example #3

replace-sewerThis sewer line was 11 feet deep and 180 feet long passing under the swimming pool and a tennis court (not visible in picture). Over a two-day period, this line was replaced using the trenchless method with very little disruption to the landscape.

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